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First Week Recap


     My first week in San Francisco has been amazing.  The Exploratorium has 400+ hands-on activities that emphasize so many scientific principles.  Senior adults, as well as toddlers,  seem to be enthralled with the exhibits.  One thing in general I have noticed is  San Franciscan’s desire to take care of the earth. The area in general […]

Using Worms for Compost


Meet the Red Wigglers AKA  Eisenia fetida, known under various common names, including redworms, brandling worms, tiger worms and red wiggler worms, are a species of earthworm adapted to decaying organic material. They thrive in rotting vegetation, compost, and manure. They don’t like light so they are under the kitchen sink in this container.  I […]

Snap Shots


Video Snip-Its


Video 16 Tornado Tower This is a favorite exhibit at the Exploratorium.

Exploratorium Exhibits


I got to walk around the Exploratorium for a couple of hours today and view a few of the exhibits.  All ages and types of people were there  enjoying the exhibits.  The exhibits are so interactive, but the best part is that no staff members are there telling everyone to be careful…don’t touch that…put it […]



I visited the Exploratorium today for the first time and met everyone associated with the Teacher Institute.  I was overwhelmed to find out that for the rest of my teaching life they will provide support for me and my students.  I am a lifetime member and can visit for free for the rest of my […]

Practice Run


Made a practice run to the Exploratorium today…..since the public transportation system is not usually something I have to do.  I am going to do a better job on my blog starting tomorrow so stay tuned.  I have been too busy getting the layout of everything.  Check my facebook for my photos of the day.  […]

My BIG adventure is about to begin!


I leave in the morning for San Francisco and truly do not know what to expect.  I have rented a furnished condo on Ocean Beach close to the Cliff House, for those of you who are familiar with the area.  The Exploratorium offers a Teacher Institute every summer and I was fortunate to have been […]

To Do List:


Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge Tour the Wine Country Visit Muir Woods to see the giant redwoods Visit the California Academy of Sciences Tour Monterey and Carmel See the Painted Ladies (Victorian Houses) Visit Chinatown Visit Fisherman’s Wharf and the Sea Lions at Pier 39 Ride a Cable Car Visit Alcatraz Eat chocolate at […]

Schools Out For Summer! Hope your time off from school is productive and fun. My classroom is packed up and I am ready to think about getting to The Exploratorium in San Francisco!


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